Top Tips For Project Management - Checklist + PDF

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Alright, so you are starting a new web, mobile or other software project. Now, make sure that everything is ready for the development activities. Check, if you are up to a good start by using this checklist.

Save Time by Following The Process

  • Ensure that the team follows already defined process of doing the project

According to capability model, defined process is a set of activities that are executed in particular order and for a specific goal.

Make sure that procedures are followed on your project according to the process in the company.

Build Awareness by Maintaining Backlog And Tasks

  • There is a clear prioritized backlog ready for sprint planning

All the user stories and features are outlined well and have acceptance criteria in them. They are prioritized and it is clear what you should do next

  • Whoever responsible for the backlog is available for communications

The client, product owner, stakeholder or anyone else who in charge with the project, notified that team needs him and counts on his or her availability.

  • All team is aware of what is going on and what the project is about

Make sure to communicate the high level purpose of the project and its value.

Make Your Team Work 4x Faster

  • Everyone knows who’s on the team

  • Everyone knows his or her role on the project

It is clear who is product owner, scrum master, engineers, etc. Whatever roles you have in a team, everyone knows who’s there.

  • People who work on the project are working on a single project only

Whoever work on this, work only a single project. Consultancy roles may handle up to two projects at the same time.

  • It is clear who’s going on vacation and when

Manage Expectations For Good

  • Everyone share the same expectations regarding the performance

It was clearly communicated what is realistically can be done within a certain period of time.

Prepare 3rd-party Services And Systems Ahead

  • Domain name is registered and team has an access

For instance, team wants to setup a staging server at Make sure you have a domain name early.

  • Account on AWS/DigitalOcean/etc cloud server provider is ready

Make sure there is a server to deploy the results.

  • Email provider is ready

Mailgun, sendgrid, sendinblue, etc. An account with one of these must be created so team does not waste time waiting for the activation.

  • All the other 3rd party services are ready:
    • Twillio
    • Facebook application
    • Twitter account
    • Google APIs. Maps, places, etc.
    • Google play market account
    • Apple Developer account
    • Paypal app
    • Stripe app
    • Whatever else you are going to have in your app

It is good to have all the accounts to setup upfront because it takes time to get approved on most of the platforms.

  • Project management system is ready and backlog is there
  • Continuous integration or a service that stores/deploys builds is ready In case of mobile apps it could be diawi or analog. In case of web - any CI/CD server.

Code Repository And Continuous Integration

  • There is a git repository and everyone is invited

  • Everyone shares the same approach to committing to the repository Git flow or similar approach can be used.

  • Continuous integration systems are ready to be used

It is imperative that developers can build and deploy programs fast. This is how you and your clients can receive the version of the product early and provide theirs feedback.

You can download PDF version or simply print this page. It is optimized for printing.

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